Most Recommended by Industry

Most Recommended by Industry

Most Graduates in Industry

Most Graduates in Industry

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Personal Training Qualifications

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Personal Training Qualifications, Your Ticket to a New and Exciting Career in Fitness

If you're serious about gaining a meaningful qualification in Fitness or Personal Training settle for nothing less than the NZIHF certification suite. NZIHF provide the most comprehensive and credible suite of qualifications and registrations in the country.

Check out our suite of programmes and certifications below.

NZIHF Certificate in Fitness Leadership
NZIHF eCertificate - Nutrition Foundations - 20 REPs CPDs
NZIHF eCertificate - Science of Modern Diets - 10 REPS CPDs

NZIHF Certificate in Personal Training

Kettlebell Fundamentals - 10 REPs CPDs
Boxing Fundamentals - 10 REPs CPDs
Pre and Post Pregnancy - 10 REPs CPDs
Strength Training - 10 REPs CPDs
Power and Plyometrics - 10 REPs CPDs
High Intensity Interval Training - 10 REPs CPDs
Olympic Weight Lifting - 10 REPs CPDs
Trainer Assisted Stretching - 10 REPs CPDs
Mobility and Stability Training - 10 REPs CPDs

NZIHF'S Academic Partners

NZIHF ensure your investment in education pays off by giving you the most comprehensive certification suite in industry.  You'll also get the benefit of the NZIHF brand behind you, a sure way to increase your credibility when you plan to enter the fitness industry.


New Zealand

Recognised as NZ's preferred Fitness Educator by Industry NZIHF sets the standard in NZ for club and field ready graduates.  If you want the credibility that only a great reputation can give you, then present an NZIHF qualification at your next job interview. Tried and trusted for over 14 years.

REPs Registration

Find out how REPs registered education providers (such as NZIHF), fitness facilities and professionals help to ensure safe, effective exercise for New Zealanders and enable you to access ICREPs creating global portability for your fitness qualifications.

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Use Your Passion for Fitness to Change Lives

Improve your own training, become a Qualified Personal Trainer and make a real difference in people's lives.  Enquire now to find out more.